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So I’m dead broke until the 5th, no money to get my phone turned back on or even to buy food… is anybody looking for a cam show I could do for them or feeling generous enough to help me out? I feel like such a loser asking but I dont have anyone else to turn too, havent eaten in a couple days… I guess on the plus side I’ll looose weight haha, if you are interested in a show put your skype name in the notes field of the donation and I will add you right away, I’m free all afternoon and I’d like to get my phone turned back on and eat tonight :(

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Living. Loving. Enjoying Me.

Anonymous said: How have you been. I've been trying to get a hold of u

my phone is off, sorry I am trying to get the money to turn it back on… if you want to get ahold of me message me on here or hit me up on my facebook.

I was born sick … but I love it.

I was born sick … but I love it.

Down ass bitches are hard to find

Down ass bitches are hard to find


"Am I attractive yet?"

Me after going to the gym 3 weeks in a row. (via thatlalife)


Is anyone able to put 20 or 40 bucks in my PayPal account so I can go buy some groceries? I just moved into my.own apartment and I won’t get paid for another week…. and I’m soooo hungry with nothing to eat, please I’ll make it worth your money!!

#datsmile #nofilterneeded

#datsmile #nofilterneeded


So who has a spare bedroom or room in there bed for me? I’m ready to jump on a bus and leave but I don’t know where to go or have money for a ticket… anyone down to be spontaneous and take a chance on me???